Thermostatic Steam Trap

Product Description

Thermostatic steam trap can be applied in the field of power station, petroleum, chemical industry, paper making, textile, metals, and other industrial steam heating system. This type of steam trap can automatically discharge condensation water from steam heating system to keep the system working efficiently on saving energy.

Working principle:

This type of steam trap is applied with bimetal strip which expands with heat and constracts with cold in order to drain water and prevent steam.

Structure Characteristics:

  1. This steam trap is small in size and light in weight. With easy installation, it can be installed in any angle.
  2. The air and condensation water can be discharged rapidly during the initial operation of valves with out any lock situation.
  3. It is sensitive in induction, and can drain water without any noise, which is also very strong in resistance to corrosion.


Material: A105,  F304, F316
Class: 150 – 300lbs , PN16-PN40
Size: 1/2” – 6″
End flange: ANSI B16.5
Certification: ISO9001, API 6D, and CE


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